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Title Reference Speaker Date
   (Play) Two Parables On Prayer Luke 18:1-14 Pastor Jay Underwood 04-03-2016
   (Play) I Love To Tell The Story Matthew 28 Pastor Jay Underwood 03-27-2016
   (Play) Sin For Us 2 Corinthians 5:21 Pastor Jay Underwood 03-20-2016
   (Play) When Radical = Normal Selected Scriptures Guest Speaker 03-13-2016
   (Play) The Heartbeat of God at Times Is Our Heartache Selected Scriptures Guest Speaker 03-06-2016
   (Play) Signs of the Second Coming - Pt. 4 Luke 17:31-37 Pastor Jay Underwood 02-28-2016
   (Play) Love Colossians 3:14 Pastor Jay Underwood 02-14-2016
   (Play) Signs of the Second Coming - PT. 3 Luke 17:26-30 Pastor Jay Underwood 02-21-2016
   (Play) Signs of the Second Coming - Pt. 2 Luke 17:22-24 Pastor Jay Underwood 02-07-2016
   (Play) Signs of the Second Coming - Pt. 1 Luke 17:20-21 Pastor Jay Underwood 01-31-2016

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