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Spiritual Disciplines - Introduction- August, 2007
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Flame On!
An Introduction to Spiritual Disciplines 


 Many people here in Weaverville have wood stoves and depend on them throughout the winter.  I know it’s hard to even think about lighting them when its 100 degrees outside, but just go with me on this!  Now I admit I don’t have a ton of expertise in this area, but I’ve gotten a stove or two going in my day that have kept us all cozy warm.  Christian author Donald Whitney tells a story about lighting your stove that goes something like this: The idea of getting a fire going starts with some loosely crumpled up newspaper leaving some nicely exposed corners at the top.  Next, you might form a little tee-pee around the paper with small pieces of tinder that are somewhere between the size of a tongue depressor and a paint stick.  At this point you would strike one of those extra long matches and light the corners of the newspaper which would easily catch, producing a substantial flame and by the time the paper has turned to ash, the sticks would have caught.  At this point you would add in the kindling which is a little bigger than the sticks.  When these are happily blazing over the coals of the tinder, you’re ready to add in the big guns, your regular sized hunks of wood.  By the way, if there are any other city-slickers out there, here’s a freebie for you…a cord of wood is 128 cubic feet (4’x 4’x 8’).  If you are buying a cord and the seller shows up with your wood in the back of a half ton pickup and tells you that’s 1 cord, you’re getting ripped off!  A ¾ ton filled to the top of the cab is more like it – thanks Irl!!