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“Why Believe the Bible?”

“Creation vs. Evolution”

(Pt. 1 of 2 - June)


I decided to include this debate in this series of articles because of the fact that the Bible starts with the creation account (Genesis 1-3) and so this is one of the first places of attack when people don’t believe in the Bible; they will say “I don’t believe in a divine intelligent designer because it’s not scientific and everyone knows that science has proven the big bang and evolution.”  Oh really?  Have they indeed “proven” these things?  They absolutely have not.  Yet, if they can come to the conclusion that the Genesis account is not really true, then they can tear down the rest of Scripture. 

Why would somebody want to do that?  One simple reason: they want to be their own God - they don’t want to bow the knee to anyone but themselves.  You see, if the Bible is true and people were created by an intelligent designer, then they would be accountable to that designer, but people want to be accountable to no one except themselves so they look for ways to discredit the Bible.  Even professing Christians will do this.  They will try and fit the theory of evolution into the Biblical account so they can have their cake and eat it too.  In other words, they play fast and loose with the text, make it mean whatever they want it to mean, thus allowing them to take the same liberties with other parts of the Bible, discounting or discrediting all the things they personally don’t like or agree with. 


Please remember this, Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution still remains just that, a theory and in fact it’s a theory that has been crumbling over, say, the last 50 years due to the advances of modern science.  More and more secular scientists are coming to the conclusion that Darwin’s theory falls way short in light of the scientific evidence that we have today, making it in many ways, a bigger leap of faith to believe in than a divine intelligent designer called God who created the universe, world and everything in it, including it’s people, in six literal days by speaking it into existence.  In addition, when He created it, everything was already fully developed, plant, animal and humans.  God didn’t send a single cell that would take billions of years to create an animal and then man.

Now I’ll be honest with you, I probably know enough to barely scratch the surface regarding this debate.  The problem is not that I don’t know what the Bible says, but that I am not a scientist.  However, there have been plenty of scientists (both secular and Christian) who have weighed in on this subject and brought out very compelling evidence and arguments against evolution that are separate from simply the Scriptural truth of the Bible.  For us who are Christians who believe in the absolute truth of God’s Word, including the creation account (our pre-supposition going into this debate), this is all we need.  God says this is how it all happened and that’s good enough for us.  However, this is anything but “blind faith,” especially in light of what science has shown us over the last 50 years that completely debunks the theory of evolution.  

More than anything, what I hope to do in this article is give you some broad strokes to hopefully get your mind thinking about these issues and then you can do more research yourself as you might desire.  So to do that, let me introduce you to 8 questions regarding the debate over evolution vs. creation.  We should probably start with some definitions.  We will define evolution as “the theory that all life on earth has evolved from non-living matter and has progressed to more complex forms with time; hence, “macroevolution” and not “microevolution” or minor changes within species illustrated in crossbreeding (i.e., varieties of dogs).”[1]  Macroevolution is Darwin’s theory and in a most basic sense says that life began from simple single cell organisms and then developed more complexly over millions (or billions) of years whereby cells eventually became sea creatures and fish which then transitioned into amphibians, amphibians into reptiles, reptiles to birds, birds to mammals, then to apes and eventually to people.   

To say that we don’t have time and space in this article to fully and completely develop everything we would like to consider is the understatement of all time.  Again, for this article we are pre-supposing the Bible as truth and so we are now looking to see if the theory of evolution collapses or holds up under the weight of today’s science.  We will do so by considering 8 questions; 5 this week and 3 more next week. [2]


1.      Is evolution a scientific fact that has been proven empirically (through observation and experience) and logically by scientific method?  In other words, has it been scientifically proven that life is really a product of a material universe that came into being by random chance and accident? 


The simple answer is no, it has not.  Carl Sagan has long offered the classic scientific position that evolution is indeed a fact[3] but more modern scientists have begun to offer other ideas including the notion that evolution is based on faith; that it’s possible that there is indeed an intelligent designer.  In Michael J. Behe’s NY Times best seller Darwin’s Black Box, Behe looks at the inside of a single cell and says that scientifically, Darwin’s theory isn’t even possible based on scientific and intellectual grounds.  More on this later…


2.      So how did life begin? 


We’ll simply answer this question with another question: Did it begin by unsupervised, impersonal, unpredictable, natural processes; was it random chance with no plan or purpose (evolution) or did an intelligent designer (God of the Bible) “in the beginning” create the heavens and the earth (guess which answer is the correct one!)?  More on this later as well…


3.      Why did life begin? 


The evolutionist would say it happened purely by accidental, random chance – that there was no rhyme or reason for it.  It’s one thing to believe this scientifically, but there are a host of philosophical issues that arise with this belief.  For instance, if we were created by random chance then everything about the universe, including the formation of human beings, is purely material and therefore there we have no soul and spirit.  We are simply flesh and blood, without any sense of morals, values, right and wrong or absolutes; we are only a step up from the animals and therefore natural selection (survival of the fittest) must apply.  Or…as the Bible says, we are human beings made in the very image of God, the Creator and we’re made as Pastor Chip Ingrim says, to share in relationship with Him, to glorify Him and steward the earth.[4]  Read about this in Genesis 1-2 and 1 Corinthians 10:31.  


4.      How did various plants and animals develop? 


The macro theory of evolution says a single cell evolved through time, chance, natural processes, the survival of the fittest, mutations etc. into more complex species over millions and billions of years.  The Biblical account says God spoke them all into existence and in so doing created a harmony throughout nature and the universe that keeps everything going and in balance (Gen. 1; Heb. 1:3).  It’s in this author’s mind absurd to think that creation through random chance could also bring about the harmony that we see.  Harmony and balance in the solar system and the way the planets, stars and heavenly bodies coordinate; harmony and balance in how life is sustained on earth by way of oxygen, temperature and seasons, food and water; including the ecosystem of plants and animals and the harmony and balance of human life (both physically and emotionally).  There is order and not chaos throughout the universe and all of this reflects the very attributes and character of God!


5.      Which theory between evolution and creation best explains the fossil record?


What’s interesting is not that we don’t have some amazing fossils, even dinosaur fossils, but what’s most remarkable is the lack of transitional fossils.  In other words, if evolution is true and animals evolved over millions of years (as in a bird to a mammal), then we should have an abundance of transitional fossils demonstrating this.  We should have fossils that show all of the in between stages as in a fish getting appendages and turning into an amphibian, an amphibian into a reptile, a reptile developing wings like a bird, a bird evolving into a mammal, etc.  But the fact is, we don’t.  They are virtually non-existent.  I say virtually non-existent because scientists will think they’ve discovered one only to find its not really what they thought it was and its dis-proven.  This is the way it’s been with many of the so-called ape-to-man transitional skeletons;   they either turn out to be hoaxes or are simply apes or people with arthritis or other maladies! 

Darwin has even admitted that with all the strata and fossils that were known in his day, there were not yet found any transitional fossils that would give credence to his theory.  His answer to this was that they were out there, they just hadn’t been found yet. [5]  Guess what?  They’re still looking.  It is a fact, however, that over the last 150 years the fossil record has been greatly increased to include some 250,000 fossil species but there are no more examples of transitional fossils than in Darwin’s day.  Friends, Darwin’s theory isn’t based on scientific evidence, it’s based on faith – it’s a faith system!



That’s all we have time for now J.  Next month: our last 3 questions.  Please don’t evolve into anything before then!


Resources for Further Study:


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