First Baptist Church


Wow!  Does time ever pass quickly when you are over-busy.  We have seen many blessings of God over the last month.  We would like to update you on a few.

The church is making forward momentum.  We have solidified our group and have been seeing 12 locals plus our family most every week. (Remember we had just 3 members who called us here to do this replant.)  We have also made great progress in the focus and plans for the church.  We have enjoyed our Sunday afternoon planning sessions.  Our new purpose statement reads: Living in the assurance of Christ’s salvation, we glorify God by sharing the truth of God’s Word and serving one another with hope and compassion.  It is one thing to state it, but they are beginning to see how life changes as they live it out. Our Sunday morning services have been focusing on the “One Another” passages of the Bible and we are now moving back to our exegetical study of Romans picking up where we left off in chapter five.

Our church has also seen forward momentum around the property.  We have been blessed with a visit from a couple from SW Michigan who has helped tremendously.  In the last month we have fixed and restored the manse (parsonage) roof, replaced the bad parts of the church building roof, Painted the entry, fellowship area and sanctuary part of our church building, pressure washed the drive, ground out ten stumps that stuck up around the property, sanded some of the wood floors in the cottage building, built a sign frame to hold the posters under our church sign out front, and more!  With each thing that we do to restore our church property we make the place more inviting for visitors and more enjoyable for ourselves.  We have no intentions of having a Solomon’s temple style building, but to be dumpy dishonours God.  The church has saved up a good bit of money for these projects, but we are going through it faster than any of us would like.  If you are interested in helping the church with a gift to repaint the outside of our building, refurbish the fellowship hall to a usable level or any other project you can send a gift to ABWE or contact us for details of how to make a tax deductable gift really count in this local ministry.

Some of you received our video report in recent weeks.  For everyone else we would like to offer you the opportunity to see what God is doing in this place.  You can view it online at:   Feel free to make copies and have everyone interested see it.  We are willing to send supporters a disk.  Please email if you need one.

The family is doing well.  Amy is working at a camp and making pizza on the side.  While she would rather have a good paying job she is willing to work two jobs if that is what it takes.  Luke is very interested in getting a job for extra spending money.  Pray that in the Easter school holidays he will be able to find a good one.  He is making friends faster than the rest of us as school is giving him an added advantage.  He is also reminding us that he turns 16 next month.  You can guess what that all means!

Barb and I have been busy in both ministry here and finishing off all the lingering details of selling our last house and looking for the next place God would bless us with.  Pray with us that the sale of our home in Blacktown would soon be completed so that we can focus down here.  It has been a pain to have to travel 1.5 hours each way to check the property, mow the lawn, and do maintenance each week.

Thanks once again for your prayers and support!  We appreciate it more than we can ever express in words!!

Matt & Barb Douglas