First Baptist Church



All is well in our part of Australia.  You may have heard of the devastating floods up north.  That is over a day’s drive away and can’t affect us.  We do however truly pray for the churches and people of that area!


The church replant is going well so far.  Christmas was a bit of a wash with the move and getting settled in.  We tried to invite people from the area to the Christmas services, but most already had plans.  Most people need more than a week’s notice.  We had an enjoyable time in our new house all morning and then drove out of the area to be with other ABWE missionaries for Christmas dinner.  It was a very good day.


We have had a high of 13 in a service.  Considering we came with only 3 members that sounds good.  That’s what – 400% growth plus. However, then consider 4 are from our family 3 had attended before and the reality looks more normal.


Sunday the 16th we start talking about strategic planning.  The church has had no idea about its purpose or a plan to grow for some time.  They figured if they kept doing what they had done, God might bring someone their way.  Well that is a possibility, but that is not what we do as church planters.  We work to plans that are based on Scripture and carefully prayed over.  We desire to be a part of what God is doing in this world as we actively reach out to the people around us all the while bringing/giving glory to God.  We are sure to learn much about how the ministry here will look as we meet with the congregation each Sunday at 4pm for the foreseeable future. We covet your prayers!


We have also restarted prayer meeting.  If you have known us long you know we are passionate about prayer.  We want to see this church become a place of prayer.


In His service,

Matt & Barb Douglas