First Baptist Church



Peggy and I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!!


The presses are about to roll.  My novel The Frog in the Pot is about to be printed (in Chinese).  Hopefully, copies will be available to sell at China Baptist Theological College’s Bible conference next Friday and Saturday nights (3-4 December).


At the conference I will be speaking on Ezra, chapters 7-10.  The theme of the conference will be: “Obtaining God’s Blessing.”   Friday night:  “Obtaining God’s Blessing When the Task Is Challenging (Ezra 7-8);” Saturday night: “Obtaining God’s Blessing When Obedience Is Difficult (Ezra 9-10).”  Please pray for these meetings:  (1) That I will effectively communicate God’s word to His people with love, but also with firmness; (2) That the Holy Spirit will apply God’s word to their hearts, and affect change according to His will.  I’ll be dealing with some controversial issues in these lectures.  These issues are also addressed in The Frog in the Pot.


Thank you for your prayers.


In Him,


Dave Pardini