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God is a very good God!  His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.  No one has ever been His counsellor, and no one has ever given a gift that He must repay!  We have a God who is, in every essence of the word, AWESOME!  Praise Him with us today.


Ministry in Australia is continuing to go forward at a good pace.  We are holding prayer meetings with co-workers about the next church plant.  We are working to clear some places off our list and tightening the criteria we use to evaluate the opportunities more and more.  Continue to pray with us that we will be led by God every step of the way in this ministry.


Scripture classes are going good.  Barb’s 4th grade class is becoming more and more inquisitive.  They are asking great questions, and plenty of silly ones.  “Did Solomon have 1000 rings on his fingers for all those wives?”  We never mind questions like these because we know the good questions will come.  If they aren’t listening enough to ask questions, we have a much harder time sharing the Scripture in a meaningful way.


Matt’s ESL (English as a Second Language) class is moving forward strongly.  It has been a joy to learn that one of my unsaved students had strong Christian grandparents before the Chinese revolution.  She even lived with them for a year and was able to pick up some of the “basics”.  Pray that we will see her and others move from a story level understanding of Christianity to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Last week we read the Book of Ruth.  The idea of a redeemer was really understood on a new level for most in the class.  I have just 2 more classes with them before I will miss a couple classes and then we have a 3-week break.  All up we will miss 6 weeks.  Pray that they turn to Christ before the break or that they come back next term to continue learning.


Last writing we mentioned a big need we had for the Sports Impact ministry.  Here too God has been very good.  We have seen many people and churches respond to the need and cut our shortfall in half!  We still need about $1800 to come in over the next month or so, but God has seen fit to bless us by blessing many others.  Matt and Luke leave Australia on the 15th of June and return on the 3rd of July.  Matt has been feeling the pressure of heading up such a large ministry, but the Lord never gives us a task to large for Him to work through us.  We long ago learned this lesson, and the ministries keep coming.  Pray with us for the rest of the needed funds to be given ($1800 USD), souls to be saved (we want to give out 40,000 tracts and talk through the gospel with 30 people a day), safety as we travel (South Africa is not a safe place), and for Barb and Amy as they carry on the life and ministry here in Australia.


In His service,

Matt Douglas & Family