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June 1, 2010


Time for an update!  We have been so busy with the Lord’s work that we have neglected this important ministry of emailing you.  We do want you to pray with us and praise God for what He has done.


First, we are enjoying ministry very much.  Matt has been preaching through Romans in several different churches.  (It is part of our ministry to fill in for fellow ministers when they have to be out of the pulpit.)  While the ministry of the Word has been good, we have also enjoyed the fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ.


We are progressing in our church planting research.  We have gone down from 14 to 6, and then added 2 more possibilities.  It is hard to say “not now” to places that are good opportunities, but seem to be missing advantages that other places have.  Please keep praying for us in this work of ministry.


Scripture Classes and English as a Second Language Classes are also going well.  We take the opportunity to teach from God’s Holy Word very seriously.  We always want to move people closer to Christ.  It does not matter if that is to children in school or adults trying to learn a second language.  As we open the Word we bring “good news.”


The ministry for the Soccer World Cup is coming along well.  Its name is Sports Impact (  It is designed for evangelism at the FIFA Soccer World Cup, but more than that it is an evangelistic outreach that ABWE missionaries from different fields join together in.  Some fields will be bringing future missionaries to use the time in this year’s World Cup as a training time in Evangelism and dealing with life’s issues in a cross-cultural situation.  All up I believe we should have people from over a half dozen different mission fields training and working the harvest field known as the FIFA World Cup.  Please pray for Matt and Luke as they will be travelling from June 15 – July 3.  Matt has several major roles in planning for the event this year. 


Late breaking news and prayer request:  We were the ones to print the tracts for all those who would be ministering with Sports Impact around South Africa this year.  Matt wrote a tract that is purpose written for the event.  It is way behind schedule as translators and printers did not keep to deadlines.  We did not push hard enough to get the tracts finished very early.  Now the last boat has left and we will have to fly the 40,000 tracts to South Africa.  This is going to cost us thousands of dollars extra.  We are very disappointed, but we fully believe that we should have all 40,000 tracts shipped.  We fear that if we don’t we will run out of tracts to hand out.  The surest way to know we have all the tracts will now cost us an extra $6000AUD or about $5100 US dollars.  We are so sorry to have to bring this to you.  However, WE NEED your prayers!  Please cry out to God with us for this ministry.  Pray that God will move the hearts of people to give to make this ministry THRUST forward.  Gifts can be tax deductible if sent through our Evangelism account at ABWE (11032 – 006).  We need to hear from churches or individuals who can help with this ministry in the next few days (before the evening of June 7th).  It would be a shame to have printed tracts that we can’t use.  Please pray for God’s supply in this!


The winter season is on us in Australia.  We are dealing with the cold and flu season, and Amy has even missed some school.  Matt did finally get a clean bill of health from the doctor last week.  We are all relieved.   Pray that Luke and Matt stay healthy so that they can fly on the 15th

In other news, Amy is just hours away from getting off her learner’s permit and getting a driver’s license.  She is a good highway driver from all our travels last year.  Driving around town is still giving us gray hair though.


Thanks again for all your prayers!  They mean more to us than our words could ever express.

In His service,
The Douglas Family
ABWE Australia