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We have been up and down recently. Through everything we declare that God is good.

Matt has had the opportunity to preach in several churches. Missionaries understand that when one of us needs a vacation the others will do their part and fill in the vacant pulpit. This really is enjoyable as we get to spend time with different congregations and see how God is blessing in different places. We have also continued helping a church north of Wollongong (about an hour and a half south of central Sydney). The church has a lot of problems and yet great potential.


The work towards the FIFA World Cup is in full swing. We are getting 20,000 tracts printed for local ministry here and for Matt & Luke's ministry in South Africa. This too is a good news / bad news situation. We have received great reviews of the tract and web site ( Matt's part in organizing this event evangelism opportunity has gone very well. He is on top of every area but one. It is great to watch the Lord work. We expect that we will be able to give you some great reports over the next few months. The problem seems to be finances for this ministry. Those whom had committed to supplying this ministry are unable to cover the costs. Many things are paid for, and we praise God for His supply. However we will have the following needs.

* Tract printing - At about 20 cents each we still need about $2000 (covering the printing, binding, and shipping)

* Vehicle rental and gas/diesel in South Africa $3900.

* Follow up materials and postage - estimated $1500 based on the 179 saved in Germany during the 2006 World Cup.


We understand that this sounds like a lot of money. We also understand that on a per-gospel-presentation basis, or going off previous sport event evangelism opportunities results, this is a great opportunity to see good results. Of the ministries we have personally been involved in there has been an average of 223 saved and followed up per event. We know God will supply for the work He wants done.


Church planting research is moving forward. We have eliminated a couple more suburb possibilities. We are still working at drawing the net. Please continue to pray that God will supply also the Australians that we will be working along side.


In His service,

Matt Douglas & Family