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Dear youth groups,

  The FIFA Soccer World Cup in South Africa is in June.  I have the privilege of going with my dad to this event for ministry purposes.  We will be travelling in between different games, handing out tracks and sharing the gospel to soccer fans.

  However it is not all paid for.   Dad has come up with enough money for the plane tickets.  This is only part of the cost though.  If you would be willing to sponsor me for some of the cost of food and petrol we would be very grateful.  Any donation size will help.  Get back to us for details on where to send the money or send it with our family's support with a note.

  Also please pray for safety and that people’s hearts will be open to hear the gospel.  Pray also that I would be bold enough to give the good news to people of different nationalities.

  Your brother in Christ Jesus living in Australia,

  Luke Douglas