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Resurrection Sunday Ministries


We pray your celebration of the Risen Lord was deeply worshipful.  Ours was!  While it was easy to get caught up in the "things to do", God graciously gave us an opportunity to step back and thank the Lord for all He did to make our salvation possible.  Matt had the opportunity to preach from Romans 8.34 on Resurrection Sunday morning. Christ's resurrection is undeniable and His love for us is unquestionable!  Hallelujah and Amen!


We have had a good opportunity to share the good news of salvation with many.  Matt’s ESL classes have a few strong Christians, and a few who still need the Lord.  We have been doing some oral reading at the end of each class from the life of Christ.   While the narrative makes good reading practice, the opportunity to go deeper into the meaning of the text is “golden.”  When Matt presented the Gospel on the Thursday before Resurrection Sunday we were able to review the historical evidence they had read over the last few weeks.  The gospel almost presented itself as Matt simply reviewed the evidence that Jesus was not only God in human flesh, but the perfect sinless sacrifice that God required.  None accepted Christ during class that day. Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance when class resumes.  Matt wants to pick fruit, but wants to have God’s perfect timing so that the fruit will remain.


Barb's Scripture classes are going well.  All of them started at different times during the term, and are different levels (from Kindergarten to 4th grade), so the first term was spent "catching" the classes up with each other so this next term she can start off with most of the classes together on the same lesson.  She had the opportunity to present the gospel in each class before the Easter break.


Upcoming Ministry


Many of you have heard us talk about the upcoming ministry to the FIFA Soccer World Cup. We are excited about how the Lord is building this ministry even now. One of the ways is through a new organization (Sports Impact) that will allow several ABWE mission fields to work together better. Another way is through the development of our own tracts! We are excited about how well these have turned out. Now we just need to raise the money to print them. If you would be interested in helping with the cost of printing the tracts (about $8000) you can do so by a special gift to our Evangelism sub account at ABWE.  The other option is to contact us directly for details on making a non-tax deductible gift.   We need to go to print early in May.  We will print only what we can afford.  We have a deal with a local printer to get them printed at about $0.16 each.  Please pray about helping us with this ministry.


Thanks for all your prayers and support!


In His service,


Matt, Barb, Amy & Luke Douglas


ABWE Australia