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Dear Praying friends,



We were in the midst of writing a prayer letter when the happenings of this letter took place.  We wanted to let you know about this so you could pray and rejoice with us in God's goodness in our lives. We'll continue working on the regular letter to update you in other areas and hope to get it out in the next few days.


Last night, Lynda was delivering some things to someone from our church for a ministry that the young people are having today.  In the dark, she did not see a stop sign and collided with a young couple on a motorcycle.  The driver of the motorcycle and the passenger had just left their work place and were headed to their home.  Upon impact, they went flying over the hood to the right side of the car, landing on the sidewalk at the corner.  God had His hand even in how and where they landed: there were a number of sharp rocks, etc. around that would have meant serious injuries or death, yet they landed in between these dangers. The owners of the motorcycle and the company for whom the couple work arrived soon after the accident. Being on the corner in front of a hospital, medical personnel helped until the ambulance arrived.  Neither had serious injuries and were released at 4 this morning.



Several friends from church came from the home to which Lynda was going, and stayed with her until I was able to get there.  The couple's employers then stayed with us until all was resolved at the scene.  They both are very nice people.  The lady attends the largest Baptist church here in Fortaleza.  Lynda is doing well.  Our insurance company sent someone to do the paperwork and call the tow truck.  The owner of the motorcycle graciously took the responsibility (which should have been ours) of removing it in his truck and taking it to the shop today since my insurance did not cover "towing" the other vehicles in an accident!  Our car probably needs work on hood, bumper and one fender, one headlight.  We'll have to cover the $500 deductible and then our insurance should kick in.  It is at the shop and will be evaluated on Monday. 


We are grateful for God's mercy and grace in all this.  The whole situation could have been much worse.  Our friends from church were a comfort to Lynda.  The couple's employers have been a great encouragement to us.  We are now giving thanks for the goodness of the Lord in all this and praying that we might have an opportunity to show some positive love toward both couples. Unless the fellow driving the motorcycle decides otherwise, there probably won't be a police report made and therefore nothing against her driving record.  It will, however, probably effect our insurance policies for some time.  We'll see how our insurance company covers the damages to both vehicles. 



We ask for your prayers in regards to the extra costs that we will have related to this accident.  Also that our car might be speedily repaired.  We are at 2 weeks before we leave for the States with much to do.  Needing to travel by bus will complicate and slow us down a great deal.


Thanks for praying.

Jerry for us both