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Thanks for your faithful prayers!


"The joy of the Lord is my strength!" That is so much more than just a slogan to me. I get it. Without God there is nothing nothing to live for and nothing worth doing. When Nehemiah told the people that the "Joy of the Lord is your strength" (8.10) he was getting the people to look to God and be glad. The reading of the Word of God had left them wanting to weep. Nehemiah wanted them to have a very different reaction. Often today we are convicted by the Word when we realise how poorly we reflect God to others. The joy comes from the fact that God does not leave us in our weeping. He wants us to get on with life and grow in our relationship with Him. We praise Him for giving us all we need to accomplish all He wants done.

We had a wonderful Sunday. We so enjoy working along side God’s people here. While many times people think of serving on the mission field as a sacrifice, we clearly view it as a privilege and blessing that is not to be missed! A Sunday morning service in the study of James chapter 1.2-8 led to a wonderful lunch together as a church when people began really expressing a changed view on life with God. All we can say is "WOW, God is so awesome!"


Sunday evening we were in a different church and we were able to encourage them in unexpected ways as well. Yes, their fellowship was an encouragement to us also.


Matt learned today that his health problems have not gone away. While he has become "healthier" the doctor is still very concerned. Most days are good, and it has rarely slowed him down. Other days, well, at least at this point the other days are few and far between. The next doctor appointment is for the 15th of March, when he will go back to the specialist who helped get him through this before (2007). Pray that Matt will get through this, and be the witness God wants him to be during this trial.


In His service,


Matt & Barb Douglas


ABWE Australia