First Baptist Church
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Colossians 4:2   


"Continue earnestly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving."


As our prayer supporters we want to give you another update so that you can be both earnest and thankful with us in prayer. We view your prayer for us as the best gift any person alive could ever give.


On the Ministry front: We have continued to pursue the next church-planting ministry God would have for us. We are considering 12 or 13 possibilities with only a couple ruled out so far. Of course we have our favourites, but we want what God wants more than anything else. The harder part of church planting, having a pastor to carry on the work after we are finished, is proving to be difficult once again. While we have ruled a couple of the potential people out, we have not drawn much closer to a solid, willing, and able leader. Please continue to pray about this with us!


Many of the schools in Australia are undergoing building projects. The Federal government here has thrown a lot of money at them to build new auditoriums, libraries, and classrooms. While the investments are good, it has caused many problems. For instance, the last two churches we have been involved with will lose, or have lost, access to the schools that they use for services on Sundays. Glorious Hope Baptist Church is already meeting in other rented facilities in the next town over with no idea when they will be allowed to return to the school. Pray that the church will grow in this transition, and thank God for providing the church with a place to meet now and a future better place at the school.


The other problem with all this is that many schools are in such disarray that they have not yet begun Scripture classes. Some of the schools where Barb teaches will be three weeks behind before they even begin. We are most hurt about this because it does not give us much of a lead up to Easter. This is one of the best times of the year to present the gospel message, and this year we will not have time to lay good groundwork before the Easter presentation is made. Pray for wisdom, and good soil in God’s harvest field. Don’t forget to thank God that we even have this great opportunity to be in the public school teaching the scriptures!


Matt’s ESL class for adults is going well. Of the six students only two are saved. We have had some interesting discussions during our oral Bible reading section. Pray that Matt will be a good, helpful teacher on the English side and that the students would hunger to know what the Bible is all about and would grow as we lead up to Easter. Praise God with us that the students are all willing learners in English and in spiritual matters.



The family is doing well. Right now we are all healthy and enjoying the life God has for us here. Many of the anxieties in life will go away as God shows us his direction for the next church plant. The children are growing well. They are maturing in spiritual things as much as they are maturing in life. This really excites us as parents!


That’s all for now. Know that we are praying for your church and many of you by name. We covet the same.


In His service,


Matt, Barb, Amy & Luke Douglas


ABWE Australia