First Baptist Church
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God is so good. We are delighted to be in his service. That would be so hard without you! We appreciate your prayers, concern and support.


We are now fully supported. God has supplied all our needs according to His riches in glory. Hallelujah!


Lots starting to happen here in ministry. I started teaching ESL classes again last week. Most of my class right now are not believers.  We pray that will change as the year moves forward.


We have been helping a church that has shrunk to only 3. We are encouraging them to do a "replant". It is a possibility that we could even consider being that replanter. They have buildings and 2 houses all paid for. While the opportunity is great so are the challenges.


We are also continuing to research 13 other possible church plant possibilities. God knows where He wants to do a work. We want to be wise and spiritually discerning so as to be in the best spot to be His vessel.


Barb starts Scripture classes in the public school next week. That has always been a good ministry.


We are getting a lot of work done on a major outreach to the Soccer World Cup. I have been asked to coordinate both the Australian Live Sight outreach and the South African outreach. I have been writing a tract. It's a 16 page book with a good soccer integrated presentation of the gospel. Soon we start getting translators and then printing, and then distribution. I will also handle all the follow up for the people who get saved.


As you can see we "have plenty on our plate" as Australians would say.  We love serving the Lord. Pray for these things. Pray also for time management on our part.


We think of you often and pray for your church regularly.


In His service,


Matt & Barb Douglas