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Greetings in the New Year  -- 2010


We would like to wish all of you a 2010 filled with the blessing of knowing your lives are in God's hands and that He will provide for all your needs.  Despite what may be happening in the world around us, God is still on the throne and causing everything that comes into our lives to work towards our transformation into the image of His dear Son.  Praise His Holy Name!!


Our hearts are grateful as we look back on 2009 and see the many different ones of you that He used to provide our needs, despite the shortfall of support we have faced for a number of years.  At just the right time, He has moved some of you to give in order to provide for car repairs, an unexpected trip to the US for Luke's wedding, moving costs, and daily needs.  How we praise His name!


As we look back to what God has accomplished through us in this year, we are awed and humbled that He would use us to carry out His plans, even beyond the borders of Brazil.  Through MMM we have helped reach outside Brazil's borders by being involved in sending a Brazilian couple to Portugal and a second family to Cape Verde, surveying the field of British Guiana with hopes to send a family there this next year, and helping MMM's dentist family visit Gambia to talk through how they will partner with the ABWE team there. The second half of this year Jerry has had the privilege of mentoring a student who is starting a new church. God has allowed us to touch individual lives by helping them grow in their walk with Him through discipleship, counseling and teaching at the Bible school in the area of Proverbs, Angelology, Introduction to Missions, Ethics and Hebrew.


We have been encouraged to see growth in our own lives this year.  We all have learned more about having patience to wait for God to show us what step to take next.  We have learned about how to allow the Spirit's control of our reactions in difficult situations.  We have seen how we can trust God to surprise us with His loving care as He did with Luke and Danielle's wedding and providing for us to be there for it.


God helped us through two very difficult transitions: one was leaving the church work where we had been involved for the last four years and secondly, downsizing from a house to an apartment.  Each was grueling over several months time, draining and discouraging at moments, but in the end, we rejoice again in how God cares for us and places us just where He wants us at the right time.  We are enjoying our new apartment, despite the summer heat right now.  We are grateful for the warm welcome and good teaching we have received back at the mother church and look forward to possibilities of service in this new year.


We now look toward 2010 with anticipation as to what God is going to do.  That helps to calm our fears of the unknown and uncertainties.  We are working on plans to come home on a short furlough.  Jerry is rewriting his thesis and hopes to have it approved in time for graduation in June.  We need to report to churches we have not seen since 2005.  We need to raise funds to get our account healthy enough to cover the increased need in housing, ministry funds, and home office contributions.  We must decide if Lydia can stay behind here to continue her studies and find a companion to live with her.


We look forward to seeing many of you and thanking you personally for your part in keeping us here doing the ministry these past years.  It will be our joy to share with you all God has done and is doing as you allow us to extend your ministry here in Northeast Brazil and even beyond her borders.  Please get in contact with us right away if you would like us to give a report at your church or to your family while we are home. Be sure to note our new contact information below.


New Mailing Address:                                             Individual contact information:

Jeraldo, Lynda, & Lydia Neuman                         Home phone:  55-85-3278-2973

R. Pereira de Miranda, 1155 Bl 02 Ap 304       Jerry:     Cell: 55-85-8707-0029  

Papicu  -   Fortaleza                                                    Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

60.175-045  Cear, Brazil                        Skype: Brazilprof   Facebook:Jerry Neuman

Website:                       Lynda: Cell: 55-85-8681-7484  

                                                                                               Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

       Lydia: Cell: 55-85-8775- 6791                                Skype:   Neumansinbrazil  

             Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it                                   Facebook:  Lynda Neuman