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God is so good. His care in our lives is far beyond what we could ever ask, see, or imagine. We are thrilled to be His servants.


Sorry that we have lost a couple of months of correspondence on the web site (   We have been in touch with our supporting churches, but not all emails get posted to the web page.


Christmas was great! We were so happy to be back in Australia this year.  While last year’s white Christmas was a treat, we all like it warm! God was once again good to us through the generous gifts of our supporters to make Christmas a bit extra in the gift department.


New Years Eve saw Barb and Amy fly to Orlando Florida for Amy to have a "career introduction" competition into the Christian acting profession.  She would like to be in Christian films as well as regular TV adds. It is a great way to pay the college bills if you can get the work.    

She did well as she brought back a trophy for being in the top 4 in the competition (573 total contestants) for her age and category. Both ladies returned with a bad cold. Now we will see if she can get some work.


January is a slow month in many ways in Australia. Everyone takes the summer off. It can be a hard time to get with people you need to meet.  We have kept busy in the ministry and are seeing God’s blessing. We continue our church planting research. We are trying to spend time in the places on our list. We are very observant, and deeply in prayer as we ask God to show us what steps to take next.


Matt has taken a preaching rotation in a former ABWE church plant that has fallen on hard times. That gives him an opportunity to continue to deliver the Word of God and stay sharp. He will be preaching through Romans. There is plenty of "room" in our schedule for this important ministry and it will keep other churches from expecting us to be part of their ministries. We want to be ready to move into the church planting opportunities as soon as the Lord opens the door.



We have enjoyed having our "boss" from ABWE here over the last week. We have been able to get with him for both ministry opportunities and fun.  (He is a keen golfer, and loves a good restaurant.) We have been talking through things with him as we look ahead at 2010 and beyond. It is also nice to know what is happening in the head office (since we did not get there at all during furlough.)


Lastly, thanks all who were praying about Matt’s health. It was nothing to be alarmed about, but it was important to get my extremely high helicobacter count in check. The meds make you very sick, but not undergoing the treatment is worse. Pray that he can find something to include in his diet that will help keep the problem away longer this time. We all just had physicals and the docs say we are all healthy in all other ways. (You can guess which 2 of us need to lose a few pounds. HA!)


In His service,


The Douglas family

ABWE Australia