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It is a wonderful Christmas day here!  We are enjoying God's goodness, and pray you are as well.

Yesterday we enjoyed the beach, as is our custom here, and and today we are feeling the pain of all the red.  Ha!  Only Barb was wise enough to keep reapplying sun cream.  OOPS!

Today we enjoyed the Christmas story from the Word, the Daily Bread, and then the gifts.  We like to get a good focus before the hype.
We also enjoyed our Glorious Hope family at Christmas day service this morning.  It was good to see friends who had moved away, but had returned for Christmas.  We also had a number of visitors in church - some saved, and some not yet [Lord willing].

Now we are enjoying family time before we have visitors this evening (a family who is spending their first Christmas in this warm country.)
We are also remembering last year with family in Michigan.  Big difference in temps, let me tell you!  Last year we had a white Christmas and this year we woke up to 78 degrees and 85% humidity.  A cool breeze is now blowing into town and cooling things off again.

God Bless you all very much! Have a Merry Christmas and a Christ centered new year!

Matt, Barb, Amy & Luke Douglas