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An update is long overdue. When a missionary returns to the field from a furlough there are so many things to do that often important things stay at the top of a "to do" list without getting done. We know that the prayer support goes way up when we communicate. This is the week of Thanksgiving in the USA and is a perfect time to ask you to praise & thank God with us.

We have moved back into our home and unpacked most boxes. "Home" feels real good after traveling over 45,000 miles plus flights this year. As we would expect there are some things that have gone very well and other things that have been expensive and time consuming. We still have boxes unpacked sitting around in the living room. We also have yet to finish unpacking the garage. We will get there. Every day we get more and more tired of seeing how much is left and that motivates us all the more to get it done. We are thanking God for wisdom in the many decisions and even grace to accomplish some things unbelievably quickly.

We are still waiting to hear from one more church that is considering joining our support team and one church that will be raising us. We are confident of God's supply. Just this week we were notified of another church that has now voted and is supporting us!

Ministry is moving forward here. We are spending a lot of time talking with people with a cup of coffee in hand. We are talking with people who may be interested in helping, being part, or know of people who are interested. We enjoy even these parts of the ministry. However, we look longingly forward to a consistent local church-planting ministry.

We do thank God for your prayers. As we do the research and try to form a team of willing and qualified people, we know how dependent we are on God's direction. It is essential! We are thankful that the Lord promises wisdom to those who ask Him for it.

Spring weather here has been up and down (105 one day with a top of 70 the next). Spring can be like that here. The flowers are in full bloom, and the garden is growing well. Every morning at breakfast our children are counting down the days left in this year of school. Barb and I are not sure we are ready to have them with us 24/7 again after a full year of that but... We love our kids and thank God for them.

In His service,

Matt & Barb Douglas & kids