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On October 15, 2009 Jerry Neuman, along with Pastor Jenuan and missionary John Souza, flew to the African country of British Guiana for another survey trip to see if Maranatha Multicultural Missions (MMM) can open this field and send John and his family to serve there.  Jerry still teaches at SIBIMA, the Bible college in Fortaleza, Brazil, but has decided to concentrate any spare time to helping MMM get this new mission plant established.  As Lynda Neuman describes, Jerry and crew arrived in British Guiana on the plane the evening of October 15th just about nighfall, being transported the rest of the way on a thrilling speed-boat ride in the dark, as they went to the home of the American missionary who was hosting them.  Arriving in Georgetown, they learned that the airline cancelled the return flight on which they were to return to Brazil on the 20th.  "Plan B" was to leave for Georgetown two days early, seeking a flight on a small plane to a town near the border, then going by ground to a place called Boa Vista where they hoped to book a flight back to Fortaleza on Tuesday, October 20th.  If they couldn't get that flight, they would have to make a decision between taking a bus (which they knew was a dangerous option), or staying another day and making the connections in Boa Vista on October 22nd.  At the time, they asked us for prayer that they would be able to gather the information needed to make important decisions concerning opening this field in the time they had left, and to direct them as to what they should do to get back to Brazil.  Lynda notes that they have seen on other survey trips that every time God allows a switch in plans, it is for a very good purpose.  We are excitedly waiting to hear the end of the story, where we'll learn what God did with this little change in itinerary!  Continue to pray for the Neumans for the Lord's strength in stretching themselves to cover all their assignments.  Again, we thank God for their willingness to serve.